Animal Chat

  • Pets Sneezing

    Everybody does it. That is the common defense by most kids to their parents. This argument never gets a kid very far but kids will always try it. There is something in the animal kingdom that [...]
  • Dogs Why Does My Dog Shiver?

    Great acting is a true gift. A great actor can transport you and make you believe in anything they say or do. You may find that you have a great actor in your home right now. Your dog.   For [...]
  • Pets Mythbusters

    Mythbusters   Let's spend this month busting some popular myths about animals. Here is a myth that nearly everyone believes. Coral snakes have to hang on and chew to envenomate. While this is [...]
  • Pets Is the time right for Medical Marijuana for Pets?

    Fake news, real news. Facts, alternative facts. It gets harder and harder to know what is real. On top of that we so desperately want the good news to be real that we are sometimes willing to ignore [...]
  • Exotics Pet Pigs

    Truth in labeling laws really ought to apply to pets as well. When a pet is advertised as a “micro” or “teacup” sized animal, most reasonable people would think that it would [...]
  • Pets Cushing's Syndrome

    A healthy appetite means a healthy pet, right? As long as an animal is enthusiastic about their food, there cannot be to much wrong with him, right? It would seem like the answer to these questions [...]
  • Exotics Hedgehogs

      Adorable and cute are usually associated with fuzzy, fluffy little animals. However, fluffy little puppies and kittens do not have the lock up on cute and adorable. How about cute and [...]
  • Horses The Recumbent Horse

    There is no greater pleasure than having an unscheduled half hour. Time to put your feet up, perhaps lay down in the yard and just look up at the clouds. Everybody likes that down time. Cats can be [...]
  • Cats The Late Night Show

    On television and in books talking animals are really cute. Mr. Ed always had amusing things to say. Scooby Doo could speak better than his owner Shaggy and Astro was probably the smartest member of [...]
  • Cats The Skinny on Skinny Cats

    Weight loss gets harder as you get older. This is one of the sad facts of life...unless you are a cat. Most cat owners are familiar with the idea of the older “skinny” cat. What is going [...]