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  • Dogs Why Does My Dog Shiver?

    Great acting is a true gift. A great actor can transport you and make you believe in anything they say or do. You may find that you have a great actor in your home right now. Your dog.   For [...]
  • Dogs Why does my dog leak urine?

    Why does my dog leak urine?  The very definition of leakage is discouraging.   Leakage, noun, the accidental escape of fluid, gas, electricity or information. In reading the definition you [...]
  • Dogs Liver Disease in Dogs

    A look at the vague symptoms that can indicate liver problems in dogs

  • Dogs Brachycephalic Syndrome

    Information about the respiratory issues faced by animals with "flat" faces.

  • Dogs Dog Bite Prevention

    Information to help parents teach their children to avoid potential dog bite situations.

  • Dogs Canine Behavior Issues

    Behavior problems in dogs can be addressed.  Behavior modification can turn a difficult dog into a wonderful pet.