Dental Procedures

Dental Procedure Consent Form

Notice of Risk with Anesthesia

The use of anesthesia poses a potential health risk to your pet.  To reduce the risks associated with anesthesia, a current pre-anesthetic blood profile (CBC/Chemistry Panel) is highly recommended.  A blood profile can help rule our pre-existing conditions that may not be physically evident, but can lead to serious complications.  This profile includes tests that check for anemia, infection, diabetes, kidney and liver function as well as any other potential underlying problems.  Please choose the option that best fits your pet's needs:

Details on Extractions

Damaged teeth cause pain and disease in the mouth and they require surgical extraction to promote good oral health and proper healing.  Pets with significant periodontal disease may need numerous extractions.  Every effort will be made to give an accurate estimate, however, at times complete estimates are not possible to determine until the mouth is evaluated under full anesthesia.