Lost & Found / Adoptions

Wimberley is very fortunate to work with WAG, Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue.  WAG Rescue is the first point of contact if you have lost your dog or found a stray.  Click the icon below or call (512) 847-3200.  Remember that dogs with microchips get returned home much more easily than dogs without microchips.

If you are looking for that special dog, WAG Rescue has dogs available for adoption.  WAG Rescue takes special pride in matching the right dog to the right person.  All WAG Rescue dogs are up to date on their health care needs.

For our equine friends Wimberley Veterinary Clinic supports LOPE.  LOPE is an organization that helps to place ex-racehorses and get them started on a second career after racing.  Click on the LOPE icon for more information.