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  • Pets Sneezing

    Everybody does it. That is the common defense by most kids to their parents. This argument never gets a kid very far but kids will always try it. There is something in the animal kingdom that [...]
  • Pets Mythbusters

    Mythbusters   Let's spend this month busting some popular myths about animals. Here is a myth that nearly everyone believes. Coral snakes have to hang on and chew to envenomate. While this is [...]
  • Pets Is the time right for Medical Marijuana for Pets?

    Fake news, real news. Facts, alternative facts. It gets harder and harder to know what is real. On top of that we so desperately want the good news to be real that we are sometimes willing to ignore [...]
  • Pets Cushing's Syndrome

    A healthy appetite means a healthy pet, right? As long as an animal is enthusiastic about their food, there cannot be to much wrong with him, right? It would seem like the answer to these questions [...]
  • Pets Genetics 2

    A companion article to Genetics 1.  This article explains why designer breeds can be just as susceptible to genetic problems as pure bred dogs.

  • Pets Genetics 1

    Genetic disorders occur in both pure bred and mixed breed animals.  This article, the first of a two part series on genetics in animals, helps explain why.

  • Pets Allergies

    Dealing with pet allergies can be frustrating.  Getting to the root cause of scratching and itching can bring relief to both the pet and the pet owner.

  • Pets As Seen On TV

    As seen on TV   I love watching TV. Ask me any trivia question about Gilligan’s Island or I Love Lucy and I can probably answer it. Of course in referring to these two shows I have [...]
  • Pets Ali Baba and the forty fleas

    Ali Baba and the forty fleas was, in fact, a genuine circus attraction. Actually, up until the 1930’s flea circuses were a popular sideshow attraction. There is a video on youtube where the fleas have been hooked to tiny wagons via thin wires and they pull the wagons around.